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Warranty Policy


All warranties given are manufacturer warranties only and all claims are 'return to base' whereby the expense for returning the item is at the customer's cost. If upon inspection by Rutland Pumps Limited the fault is deemed to be covered by the manufacturers warranty then proof of cost of return to Rutland Pumps Limited is required and a credit will be given for the cost of the return to Rutland Pumps Limited

Wear and tear is not covered under any warranty arrangement supplied by Rutland Pumps Limited and the assessment of suspected wear and tear damage must be carried out by Rutland Pumps LimitedItems that show they have been forcefully broken or damaged by impact or excessive force will not be covered under any warranty arrangement. 

Limited Warranty Supplied by Rutland Pumps Limited.

Rutland Pumps Limited as suppliers warrants to the original purchaser only, each new unit or other product supplied from its factory, for the period of 12 months from the date of shipment from the factory, 6 months for equipment on hire or rental, to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. “Normal Use and Service” means not to exceed recommendations on maximum speeds, pressures and temperatures or handling fluids not compatible materials, as noted in the applicable Rutland Pumps Limited technical literature and instructions. This warranty shall not apply to any pump or other product, which has been repaired or altered, to adversely affect the performance or reliability of the pump or product. Lance, hoses, nozzles, jets, and small fitting and adaptors fitted to the pressure washer are not covered by this warranty due to the adverse conditions of their use. Neither this warranty nor any implied warranty apply to damage caused by any of the following:

1. Freight damage

2. Frost or freezing damage

3. Damage caused by parts and/or accessories or components not obtained from or approved by Rutland Pumps Limited.

4. Any consequential or incidental damage arising from the use of any, pump or other products supplied by Rutland Pumps Limited.

5. Damage due to misapplication and/or misuse. The normal wear of moving parts or components affected by moving parts.

Any modification to equipment supplied by Rutland Pumps Limited without their prior assent and agreement automatically invalidates any warranty supplied by Rutland Pumps Limited or their manufacturing partners covering the goods supplied.

If after the item has been received and inspected by Rutland Pumps Limited the warranty claim is deemed to be valid then either repairs will be made to the item or a replacement will be sent at the earliest possible occasion at Rutland Pumps Limited's expense.  If the warranty claim is deemed not to be valid then the customer will be contacted and action agreed with the customer.  The cost of any repairs, replacements, or returns of the item will then be at the customer's expense.

If at Rutland Pumps Limited's discretion a replacement item is sent out to the customer before the original item is returned to Rutland Pumps Limited then the original item must be returned at the customer's expense within 7 working days.  If the faulty item is not returned within 7 working days of the replacement item being sent by Rutland Pumps Limited then the customer automatically authorises Rutland Pumps Limited to begin recovery proceedings against the customer for the value of the replacement items