Spring Controller Code Messages

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Controller Messages
Messages displayed on Digital and Analogue controllers The Following common messages can be displayed on our standard digital units
1.   PS meaning Pump pressure switch Activation 
2.   DE meaning Dead End. 
3.   BAT meaning low battery voltage has been detected.  (note current battery voltage is displayed numerically) 
4.   OC meaning Over current 
5.   CAL meaning the calibration mode has been selected (link)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kKoskb7l7c&list=UL 
6.   AUT meaning auto calibration has been selected please see above points 4 & 5. Note while in CAL mode it is possible to manually calibrate the digital control without entering point 6. 
7.   SET meaning the selected calibration has been saved into the processor memory 
8.   FLO displays the selected water flow rate currently in use. 
9.   Err meaning an error has occurred while using Auto Cal. This can happen if the pump is not connected or the Enter button has been pressed to cancel Auto Cal. 
10. ON/OFF to enable or disable the low battery cut off see point 3. (note this feature is only available in the V11 digital) 


Analogue control uses LED to display information
1.   RED LED = PS the pump pressure switch has activated (see point 1 above) 
2.   BLUE LED = DE the control has detected a dead end (see point 2 above) 
3.   GREEN LED if Solid battery voltage is 11V or lower. If flashing battery voltage is 10.5V or lower . The pump will be shut down to protect the battery. Note the analogue has smart battery management but can not display current voltage. 


The Analogue control has many of the features and self protection measures as the digital. We are more restricted in what information can be displayed to the user. In Addition to the above the Charger can display
1.   CHG Charging the intelligent split relay has closed allowing the alternator to trickle charge your leisure battery 
2.   CAR Vehicle battery volts the charging controller will display the Vehicle battery voltage separately to the Leisure battery 


Solenoid auto fill controller
1.   FIL Filling has been activated and will continue until the float switch activate the solenoid. 


Frost protect/ Hot water controller
1.   TP Temperature the control will display the water temperature in Celsius 
2.   HTR Heater although the control can not directly control the output temperature of water from you heater, We can use the control to switch the heater On/Off 
3.FST Frost protection mode has been activated